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Re: MAX/MSP Conversion Complete...

Two things, on the wishlist...converting a PC VST to a MAC VST, and 
converting a Reaktor Ensemble to a PC or MAC VST....that would be musical 
ecstasy. :)  You'd think they could do that with Reaktor, like what you 
do with MAX.


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Subject: Re: MAX/MSP Conversion Complete...

>> Krispen Hartung wrote:
>>> doesn't someone make an app that will make a pc VST work on a mac?  I 
>>> used to have a program that converted VST to RTAS, etc.
> On 3 okt 2006, at 23.47, Stefan Tiedje wrote:
>> I can imagine that this could work on MacIntels in a not so far  
>> But converting VST to RTAS isn't recompiling, its wrapping.  Old Macs 
>> don't share the same processor with a PC, but the new ones  do...
> I guess Krispen was thinking about running Mobius VST wrapped into a  
> host? Wow! If that will ever be possible I would jump right into  using 
> Numerolgoy as the host for Mobius. I can't think about any more  
> combo. Numerology already offers most of the stuff I would  have to 
> (re)create by myself in MAX, would save me a lot of time.
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