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Re: EDP more loops/feedback issues

I have
> ran into the  
> problem you describe many times. What I do is to
> make sure I always  
> have the feedback function assigned to that actual
> expression pedal  
> in at least one patch with an "harmless" function -
> like for example  
> Overdub. If I don't play anything I can press a
> short Overdub only to  
> recall the patch that has feedback assigned to the
> expression pedal.

so if i understand correctly you assign a value of 127
on the overdub button for example and press it shortly
to reset the controller?

> Another strategy I have developed to stay out of
> such trouble, and  
> also to be able to loop faster and more fluently, is
> to double up  
> most function over many controller buttons.
> Especially the feedback  
> functions. I like to have both expression pedals and
> twistable knobs  
> or faders assigned to the same parameter. Then I can
> simply reach for  
> the most immediate way to achieve feedback or
> whatever.

this sounds cool,but it could create problems as
well...donīt know if i am understanding it right could
you give me a more specific example?
Thanx Per!


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