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Re: MAX/MSP Conversion Complete...

you are quite welcome.

I am completely OSX, as well.

Numerology looks very cool....but I love my max/msp.....

As Kris has noted, while raising two kids, maintaining a relationship 
with his wife, and having a full-time job. He made his vst host....in a 
very short period using his free time. It does exactly what he wants it 
to do, the way he wants to do it. Defining the term "flexible software 

But here is the big plus: He realized how relatively clear cut it is, 
so he took and expanded on the knowledge gained from constructing the 
host, and is now making his own audio patches, and making them into 
plugins....delays, pitch transposers, et al

Mobius to mac would be awesome....(I know, I've said it before)....but 
until then, I'm very happy with the loopers I've constructed. I've 
recently added overdubbing loopers with pitch transposition and 
degradation on the feedback channels. Too much fun.

Also: Regarding Zoe's problem. the midiparse object in max routes 
specific midi data to specific outlets, putting everything in its own 
place. so, if midi data artifacts were being generated in the wrong 
place, they would not get through to the end of that stream....I had 
this problem before, when I used to do more midi control, but midiparse 
fixed it.


Jeff Kaiser
pfMENTUM.com  AngryVegan.com
On Oct 5, 2006, at 12:47 PM, Per Boysen wrote:

> Phiew... thanks!  :-)   I use almost solely OSX software, but since 
> Mobius appeared I also keep a Windows XP license on the side. It's 
> good to know Max is truly cross platform so l can keep it on my 
> shopping list (if Mobius should not go OSX, enabling me to use it with 
> Numerology - but I guess there's not much hope for that)