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Re: software newbie

Bill is correct.  The Headrush, while a good tool is
fairly limited.  Which isn't always a bad thing, but
sometimes you need a bit more flexibility.

The EDP gives you lots of control by making it
possible to copy your current loop into a new loop
location and overdub on it there.  Switch back to your
first loop and it's as you left it.

Who knows what the Looperlative is up to know but I
imagine it's got great functionality in this respect

Repeater is another one of the high end loopers. 
Again tons of control by using loops and tracks.

and ah yes... MOBIUS.  Based on the EDP, it has a lot
of it's functionality but it's like having 8 stereo
versions of one.  It's what I use.  It could take the
place of your headrush in your effects loop.  Prepare
to have a kick ass little computer and fast sound card
for best results... oh yeah, and a MIDI controller.


--- Bill Fox <billyfox@soundscapes.us> wrote:

> Dan Katayama wrote:
> > i'm really starting to see the limitations of
> hardware.
> > i'm currently using an akai headrush and its
> hooked up the effects 
> > loop on my mixer.
> > i can virtually loop anything that is coming into
> the mixer.
> > but with the headrush, it just keeps layering, and
> after each layer 
> > you lose control over the last layer.
> I also have a Headrush that is fed a signal from an
> effect send.  
> However, I return it's output to a channel.  This
> allows me to play with 
> the EQ on the Headrush's channel.  By sending THIS
> channel to the 
> Headrush, the EQ effects alter what's looping.  Or I
> can choose to leave 
> the effect send off and loop in the normal manner.
> I think your problem may lie more with the
> limitations of the Headrush 
> itself, rather than your problem being a hardware
> issue.  The Echoplex, 
> for instance, *will* give you more control over
> previous layers than the 
> Headrush does, iirc.  (I've never used the EDP, only
> read about it here.)
> > i've read about the software looping, but it
> hasn't clicked with me yet.
> > can someone point me in the right direction as to
> what a typical 
> > software looping setup will be?
> > i only loops live sounds from live instruments, no
> midi. 
> At <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/zonemobius> you
> can learn about the 
> Mobius looping software.
> Cheers,
> Bill

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