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Re: Looping footwear

Wood clogs...great one, David.

Folks have to keep reminding me to not where my 6 inch stiletto pumps when 
go out looping.....but it's just so cool to be able to press buttons on 
laptop keyboard with your shoe heels. :)

I thought it would  be fun to loop with 4 foot stilts, the kind that 
painters or ceiling finishers use.


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Subject: Looping footwear

>A while back: LD discussion of appropriate footwear for looping.  I will 
>give an example of what ISN'T good: wooden clogs!  On my one Euro trip, I 
>picked up some in Holland, and have recently been enjoying them for 
>in Portland Oregon's cold/wet winter.  Full wooden ones!  Not very good 
>walking far, but super-comfy indoors.  But definitely NOT for pushing 
>FCB1010 buttons (barely ok for piano damper pedal)!  No comparison to 
> David