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Re: VSTi piano - or other laptop synth

I LOVE Crystal. and it's free.



On 2/26/07, Dean, Hal <HDean@wcupa.edu> wrote:
I use Native Instruments Akoustik Piano, which I bought after reading a
comparison article in Electronic Musician. I currently run it in Bidule,
but went through a period of experimenting with Live. In both programs
it functions splendidly. The sound is fantastic.

I work at a University so can buy software from the academic suppliers,
so you may not be able to match the price.  I bought it from Academic
Superstore; their current price is $134.95.

Others have recently posted some very valid concerns about NI's
licensing restrictions. I keep my music computer completely off the 'net
so it has been maybe even more of a hassle for me. That said, I love the

Hal Dean

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Subject: Re: VSTi piano - or other laptop synth

Sampler is the word I am looking for --- not just a piano (though I
even find a good free VST piano out there).

Anyway, there are a you mentioned that I haven't checked out, so that
certainly gives me something to do ......

I'm gonna dig into Reason today ... I get a lot of mixed reactions for
one .....

And yeah, I was thinking about just sampling the triton settings that I
... seems like that is gonna be the best solution.


>From: Per Boysen < perboysen@gmail.com>
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>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Subject: Re: VSTi piano - or other laptop synth
>Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007 10:56:17 +0100
>On 26 feb 2007, at 03.18, aaron leese wrote:
>>Here a tangentially related topic .....
>>I need a good keyboard synth program .... because I have a midi
>>controller (keyboard), and a rack mounted synth, but would like to
>>the rack mounted equip and use just a laptop (save space).....
>>Sampletank is good (but very expensive) ... I have been looking for
>>alternatives, but with little luck.  The only free ones I found
>>and MDA) are mediocre, and have some latency issues running  with
>>Can anyone offer advice on this?  I wouldn't mind spending a few
>>if I can get something that will replace my korg triton rack
>Hi Aaron,
>It's difficult to find an answer to such a broad question. Is it
>sound" you are looking for? Or is it "synth sound"? And if so,  what
>of synth? You mention Sampletank, but that's a sampler;  meaning it may

>mimic many instruments but lack the dynamics and  envelope option you
>with synths. And if you are looking for  something in software to
replace a
>Korg Triton - that's not going to  be easy. The Triton is very
>and has great built-in effects  that play a big part in its sound
>Maybe you should simply buy a software sampler and sample the output
>your Triton (including effects and all) before you sell it? I've  done
>to two of my analog synths using the excellent "synth patch  ripping"
>software AutoSampler from REdmatica. It runs on OSX but I  just noticed
>other day that another company have now ripped off  that application to

>provide a Windows version. Speaking about  samplers I have heard a lot
>about SampleTank. Myself I mainly  use the sampler ESX24, which is part
>Logic, because of Logic's way  of globally handling micro tonal scales.
>also own NI's Kontakt 2  that is maybe the best sampler if you look to
>you can do with  it. Question is if you're ever going to do all that
>that K2  offers to? (also NI's user license may be a problem if you
work on
>  many machines - more than two - and need to move the sampler between

>them). If you start with getting a software sampler you need to  expand
>laptops RAM to the max and get a huge hard drive,  eventually an
>firewire drive for all those samples.
>A software synth that I personally like is Arturias Moog Modular 5.  It

>a good sound (which can not be said about every other software  synth
>there). Deep fat sound, good high end, musical sounding  with great
>filters. The downside IMO is that it had no way of tuning  it into
>micro tonal scales. If you want the classic Moog sound,  the MMV is a
>I also like the Cameleon 5000. It uses additive synthesis and is
>of some unique sounds. Whenever I can't use Logic and its  built-in
>modeling synth Sculpture I go for C5k (Logic only runs on  Mac). What I

>like about C5k (as with all Logic's synths) is that it  can be set to
>kinds of micro tonal scales. There are a lot of  demo tracks at the web

>site so you can hear how it sounds http:// www.camelaudio.com/
>Synths and samplers that I have bought but and not use much, because  I
>don't like their quality of sound, are Reason (a complete  production
>environment) and Albino 3. Not saying they are bad, I just  don't like
>way they sound.
>Greetings from Sweden
>Per Boysen
>www.boysen.se (Swedish)
>www.looproom.com (international)
>http://tinyurl.com/2kek7h (latest music release)

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