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Re: bows for guitars

Hi Luis,

There are at least two of us on this list using bows;
Per Boyson and me. (If you follow the link in my sig
file to my CDBaby page, the track 'Ether' on the album
'animalvegetablemineral' has cello-bowed looped guitar
as a background bed.)

As far as well-known players, Jonsi (I forget his last
name) from Sigur Ros comes to mind as a player who
incorporates bowing as an integral stylistic element
rather than just as a maker of eerie noises. (I just
wish Sigur Ros would do instrumentals, though; I
absolutely love their instrumental sound, but I can
only take Jonsi's cooing falsetto in small doses. :P)

The biggest obstacle to arco guitaring is the relative
flatness of the guitar's string radius. Only the
outside E strings are available for single note
playing. Also, some flatter-bodied guitars (ie.
Fenders) make it hard to dig in with the bow without
contacting the guitar's body. (Per, I know you bow a
Strat; what's your approach?)

I modified a Les Paul Jr. with deep waist cutaways,
very heavy flatwounds and a steeper neck angle/higher
bridge to facilitate bowing, but it doesn't do much to
allow bowing of individual notes from the inner
strings. (This is the same guitar, nicknamed
'mjolner', you can hear looping in the background of


--- "L.A. Angulo" <labaloops@yahoo.com> wrote:

> id like to start experimenting with bows which work
> better for guitars and can you spare some techniques
> string gage etc.?Although Jimmy page has been an
> inspiration i didnt find his bowing technique
> particulary exciting,any other artists out there?


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