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Re: live looping with ableton live

Thanks to everyone for their helpful comments. Reading your posts I'm 
beginning to wonder what the added value to a new setup (including Live) 
would be. 

My current looping setup includes SL and Augustus Loop hosted in RAX (plus 
a number of quirky plugins) and controlled via FCB1010. I guess I should 
add that I mainly loop myself and can't do too much knob tweaking because 
I need to pluck a string every now and then :-).

What additional benefits would the combination SL, Augustus Loop and Live 



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Betreff: Re: live looping with ableton live

> In a message dated 7/3/2007 10:14:18 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
> nicosp@gmx.net writes:
> I've  just downloaded a demo version of Ableton Live (version 6). I'm  
> considering using it for live looping. Can anyone get me started  
> (manuals, setup, general advice etc.)?
> I am thoroughly, completely and not so shamefully addicted to LIVE 6.0. 
> It's 
> great for live looping but there is a good deal to understand before 
> nutz with it. It's hands down the easiest and most friendly sequencer 
> there. You will need a couple basic pieces of equipment to use LIVE,  but
> they are 
> so basic to this craft that they are "musts" anyhow.
> This is the place to start. What all do you have at this point Nico with 
> respect to equipment that you plan on using when you "play  out"? 
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