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Re: Record Industry Decline

I agree that the Record Companies have not handled
this well, the worst of which was suing people for
downloading music from trade sites. But the reason
for their downfall is not their conduct, it is the changing
world of technology and the fact that music can now
be traded so easily, all over the world. Its the internet,
nobody's fault really. Its basically no different from being
able to record a record on your cassette player in the
70s, except now you can share and trade with thousands
of people from your own computer.But the music industry
is going to have to scramble to roll with the changes.

On 7/3/07, bill bigrig <billbigrig@yahoo.com> wrote:
i personally think the record companies strarted
screwing themselves whenthey came out with CDs at
double the price of LPs even though the unit
production cost was the same. Add to that the RIAA
wanting to tax blank tape and recording machines and
you can see that their own greed is the major factor
of their downfall. I think.

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> Yeah... GREAT article. Now, are you or are you
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> > Interesting article:
> >
> > http://www.rollingstone.com/news/story/15137581/
> > the_record_industrys_decline/print
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