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Re: live looping with ableton live

On 4 jul 2007, at 16.17, nico spahni wrote:

> Thanks to everyone for their helpful comments. Reading your posts  
> I'm beginning to wonder what the added value to a new setup  
> (including Live) would be.
> My current looping setup includes SL and Augustus Loop hosted in  
> RAX (plus a number of quirky plugins) and controlled via FCB1010. I  
> guess I should add that I mainly loop myself and can't do too much  
> knob tweaking because I need to pluck a string every now and then :-).
> What additional benefits would the combination SL, Augustus Loop  
> and Live have in stall for me?

Short answer: More fun.

Long answer:
You may have fun with Live's excellent effect plug-ins. You may have  
fun with Live's excellent audio routing capability. You may have fun  
with Live's excellent MIDI routing capability; especially if you want  
to get into binding MIDI clips to your pedals and put the MIDI events  
for loop control inside those clips. This opens up for designing your  
own "presets" for sequences of looper actions (just one example:  
press one pedal button to set the loop to reverse and overdub for one  
bar and then return from reverse and stop overdubbing).

As said by others in this thread Live works best as a looper plug-in  
host if  not synced. So you'd better bind one MIDI pedal to Live's  
Tap Tempo function. Then to "kick-start" looping: kick four steady  
pulses on that button and keep on with the fifth kick hitting the  
pedal you have assigned to overdub or record (depending on which  
looping plug-in you're using).

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)