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Re: live looping with ableton live

On 05/07/07, Mech <mech@m3ch.net> wrote:
> CPU usage: believe it or not, Live is actually more CPU efficient
> than Rax (by about 5-10% on average, in a Powerbook G4 1.67MHz).

Live also gives you a lot of control over audio buffer size and plugin
processing buffer size, allowing you to effectively trade CPU usage
against latency/plugin responsiveness to your taste/needs.

> Now, one thing I don't remember testing on Rax was whether it had the
> slave-sync idiosyncrasies that plague Live, so that could be a point
> in Rax's favor.

Rax worked well as a sync slave, in my tests. It's all a bit academic
now though, since they killed it.

Another host that works well as a sync slave is Numerology. I think
this is a host that deserves a lot more attention, especially if you
want to get creative with MIDI alongside your audio (e.g. analogue
sequencer-style pattern generation driving loop segment playback in
Crossfade Loop Synth Effect).

Has anyone tried using a good sync slave (e.g. Numerlogy) as a ReWire
slave under Live, so the ReWire slave drives Live's tempo?