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RE: record industry

(curmudgeon alert) I have to semi-agree. I feel that MTV, with its
inevitable focus on visuals, also inevitably led to the transformation of
the commercial music industry into the soft-core porn industry. This led to
a huge decline in quality and diversity of musical expression at the labels
(remember Reprise from the late 60's? I'd buy stuff on that label I never
heard of just cause it was on the label).

The Internet was terrific for music promotion when it was mostly dialup and
low-fi RealAudio streaming. Once speeds got fast and mp3s became
downloadable, well... you'd like to believe that people would respect 
copyrights and stuff because they're honorable, but when temptation is
placed in our paths, many will succumb. And, as someone else said, the
outrageous prices for new CDs have contributed greatly to the situation.

Personally, I feel that a royalty charge on mp3 players and sound chips
would not be out of line. However, in a practical sense, the idea that such
a royalty would ever be distributed fairly to smaller artists is so
far-fetched as to make the whole concept ridiculous. But still, who are the
main financial beneficiaries of music sharing/theft (choose your loaded
term)? Clearly, it's the hardware mfrs.

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  I think the record industry started it's decline by gearing it's whole 
promo machine to producing Very expensive videos for MTV ,henceforth known 
as emptyvideos.They stopped putting money into more creative 

acts and even dropped alot of famous musicians who were making platinum 
record cause they were dropping 100k on each video. Meanwhile MTV staretd 
producing more feature programming designed to keep viewers tuned in 
than surfing,and reduced the amount of airtime for mtvids.When napster and 
cheap digital recording  came along the didn't adapt intelligently. The 

changes are certainly an important factor,but secondary to bad tactics and 
strategies.They could have used napster to their advantage.