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Rec Ind DiY

  I don't really see the punk anarchist DIY  thing as much as having much 
imact on sales.Who was moving enough units to compete?  Or what list of 
bands were  collectively impacting sales by the majors? I was certainly 
ignoring the mainstream industry .  Starting in 1980 we even made our own 
instruments and of course produced our own shows etc. .Interesting to note 
the masters of DIY were the grateful dead they  built their own PA 
system,and subculture. Started their own record co and alternative 
distribution network,ie mailing list in around 73.I know alot of punks 
vociferously hated them, ( esp  ones w/ Hippie parents)but the ethos has 
significant similarities.
I was also doing radio in those days, I observed  the majors paying very 
careful attention to what was playing on college radio,watching those 
maybe even teasing them by  dangling possibilities the saying But you're 
ready yet.Letting them self produce  1 or 2 or 3 records,tour behind them 
and build a following ,then when all that stuff ,was working then they'd 
offer not very good deals like 10% of the net and all expenses coming out 
artists cut.They used the Indie and DIY scenes as farm teams.This is 
the kind of practical tactical approach they didn't ,but should have used 
with napster ,if they knew what was good for them.