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Re: A/B listening tests

i am in joke-mode, so please forgive me:

have you heard, that japanese engineers said "love" to a drop of water 
a microscope and the molecule structure looked nice and when they said 
"hitler" to the drop, it looked really ugly?

for further in depth study: http://www.ghchealth.com/water-purification

what happens to your brainwaves if you listen to techno on an LP?
the music was made entirely digital, but the LP is analogue, right?
how will your brainwaves cope with that conflict?
aren't most of our loopers digital?

i once overheard a guy saying that his music sounded better if produced in 
hannover (his hometown) then in berlin. because berlin's electricity is 
generated in old fashioned coal-burning plants and hannover's juice is 
nuclear, therefore "cleaner"!
(my wild guess is: in berlin he calls for a pizza, but the food in 
is probably mum's? food has a large effect on mixing...)

smooth looping - tilmann

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> There used to be a lot of musicians saying digital didn't sound as good 
> analog ,and a engineers saying no one could tell the difference in A/B 
> tests.I read a bit in Mix ,or Recording Engineer mag in the early 90s 
> about some Japanese engineers  measuring brain wave responses to both 
> analog and digital.Turned out after about 20 minutes of analog the brain 
> halves went into a mode of Entrainmentwhich the digital never aroused. I 
> suspect higher sampling rates would make a difference ,but haven't seen 
> any further research on the matter.
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