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Pinhas / Eventide Harmonizer

I got to experience the recent Richard Pinhas Trio gig in Seattle.   
It was a very lovely and ENCHANTING set!

I also got to speak with him a little before the gig and presented  
him with an early solo LP by him to sign,
and along w/ the signature,he also quickly drew a rough and funny  


It was funny and insightful how he took an opportunity to make a  
visual "commentary" on the current state of the USA
under the current psychotic and extremely corrupt  BushCo regime. I  
found it very amusing that he did this,
and it is something I will view as a RARE little treasure for YEARS!   
I could also tell that he knew I would be amused by him doing that.


He seemed to be only using some(?) Eventide Harmonizer with his  
guitar to do some AMAZING loopings and more,
and I could only get a little close to it to try to see which model  
it was? I am not sure if he was using anything else?
It was dark-ish on the stage and I felt I had no business going onto  
to the stage to a closer look, but I do wanna know which one it was?

The best I can describe it as is that it was black, about 14 or so  
inches long, and about 7 or so inches tall,
and was not a rack mount unit, and had what appeared to be gold(?)  
lettering on it, and had a small LCD screen, a knob,
  and 2 rows of white / square buttons.

I did some fishing around on the web for Eventide Harmonizers and all  
I could find visually were ones that had 4 (and shorter) rows of buttons
and appeared to be less tall than what he had.

Any clues as to which model this one might have been? I did not get a  
2nd chance to speak with Pinhas and ask.

The laptop artist was also great and was also doing some great  
looping at times as well, and the drummer (from Magma) was equally as  

-Rev. Fever