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Roland PK5

Hello, I am a newbee to looping since last weekend, but so far i am enjoying using my new Akai E3 looping pedal.
Just wondering if anyone here can advise me on the following question.
I also own a Roland pk5  13 note Midi pedal. I would normally use it to trigger my midi backing module made by Ketron . I dont use midi files but rather sequences which i change manually by using my feet on the PK5 and play guitar live
 My question is this --Is there any way i could incorporate this pedal  (PK5)  into my looping setup? Not being able to change keys is frustrating for me so far with the Akai and this pedal can do all of that and more.
  Probably a silly question I know but i hear there are some nice clever people on here and it might be worth a shot
Thanks in advance