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Re: A/B listening tests

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Subject: A/B listening tests

> There used to be a lot of musicians saying digital didn't sound as good 
> analog ,and a engineers saying no one could tell the difference in A/B 
> tests.I read a bit in Mix ,or Recording Engineer mag in the early 90s 
> about some Japanese engineers  measuring brain wave responses to both 
> analog and digital.Turned out after about 20 minutes of analog the brain 
> halves went into a mode of Entrainmentwhich the digital never aroused. I 
> suspect higher sampling rates would make a difference ,but haven't seen 
> any further research on the matter.

I suspect that our brains are always filling in the gaps where stimulus 
doesn't otherwise exist.  An extreme example is what happens inside a 
sensory deprivation tank, hallucinations, visions, so forth.  A more 
ordinary example is good old black-and-white movies.  A more creative 
person - someone who enjoys being so especially, I think - might 
good vibes while watching an old film that are perhaps more caused by 
subconscious fulfillment on this level.  Consequently a less creative 
might only perceive the film as an old black-and-white film, and could 
find themselves overly bored with it altogether, or the absence of color 

I suppose 'what one hears' so requires accurate description to be 
at all, but what if a digital recording supplies less hole-filled content, 
thus depriving the creative brain of its fill-in-the-gaps fun-and-games?  
this a good thing?

Given the nature of things like practice, training, repetition, and so on 
when it comes to exercise or brain function, perhaps it's not, if the 
is true.

Since I use a combination of digital and analog I must be relatively 
Stephen Goodman
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