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Re: Record Industry Decline ( Radio )

As a former radio DJ veteran from ages ago with 5 & 1/2 years of  
experience to my name,
I can irrefutably say that radio in America, as it is now, SUCKS, and  
has done so since at least the early 80's.

I do not bother with it anymore and have not done so for YEARS, but I  
am aware of HOW BAD it is,
because I often, and INVOLUNTARILY, get exposed to it, and KNOW that  
it is complete crap now.
At least previously, it was maybe 50 / 50 between crap and some good  
stuff.  Now it is hopeless.

Aside from some public and / or a tiny few grassroots radio station  
efforts that are even left anymore (such as KBOO 90.7FM here in  
best to just FORGET about mainstream radio in the USA today, and the  
future, due to the corps(es) CONTROL of the over all air waves,
which by the way, here in America, were ORIGINALLY MEANT to be OWNED  
by the CITIZENS  of the USA!
If in doubt about that, check yer history books, and also there was  
no FCC until much later.

THAT idea did not LAST very long due to certain powerful powers-that- 
be seeing HUGE future profits by TAKING OVER the air waves
with the help of their well-paid political stooges in "our" gov't.   
Same crap still goes on today and the majority of sheeple just  
quietly go along with it.

So, just kiss radio GOOD BYE for it EVER coming back to being  
anything even remotely good anymore, at least in the USA.  Ain't  
gonna happen!

(same for American TV too, which I have stayed away from for almost  
20 years now, and LOVE it!   BOOKS are MUCH BETTER! )

Thank Gaia for the web, since now there are PLENTY of GOOD radio  
ALTERNATIVES that can now be found!
What is on the web is the ONLY way I listen to any radio anymore to  
find shows that play truly interesting and kool music.

I am also gearing up to reviving my former show from years ago, Radio  
Soiree (with the host, the Martian Neon Creature) as a podcast,
but have some bugs to overcome and some other obstacles to leap over  
before I start doing that.    Eventually....

-Rev. Fever

On Jul 6, 2007, at 1:58 PM, Matt Davignon wrote:

> Oh yeah - I forgot that element. Now all the radio stations are owned
> by just a few companies (Clearchannel being the biggie.) Which means
> that playlists are much more standardized than they used to be. Less
> variety means less "survival of the fittest", which in turn lowers
> quality and gradually lowers the need to get the new cd.
> Wasn't there once a time when radio playlists were more regional?
> There's a fairly recent development in this in the last 5 years or so
> too - radio stations without dj's. They just throw a larger-than usual
> playlist into a central computer, and feed that playlist to the
> 'variety' station in each city. The biggest one in San Francisco has
> the motto "70's, 80's, 90's, whatever we feel like". They should be
> sued for false advertising - "we" implies humans and "feel" implies
> emotions!
> Matt
> On 7/6/07, BreachinThePeace@aol.com <BreachinThePeace@aol.com> was  
> all:
>> To me, this is literally the crux of the societal evolution angle.  
>> It's sad that the media has become such a common place and completely
>> effective tool of corporate business. Long ago they put a stop to  
>> giving us
>> free choices in that we (as a unsuspecting society) via their  
>> programming
>> are not allowed independent differentiations of anything, but  
>> rather their
>> focus became training us "how" to differentiate in an effort to  
>> best suite
>> their greed manifest.
>> I personally am very happy with the current state of the music  
>> business.
>> Like it was many years ago in the advent of the FM radio, the  
>> Internet has
>> HELPED musicians to reclaim a more so "music first, business  
>> second" stance.
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