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nonaligned radio

   I did some stuff on KBOO summer of '78. I did Radio Esoterica on KBVR  
the OSU station,in Corvallis on and off between  '75 and 82 or 3. I was 
never a student-my version of pirate radio was to just take over a slot.No 
-one ever thought to ask if I was a student. I'd been around when people 
that at WGTU in DC,the Georgetown U station. There are a number of Micro 
pirate stations  I knew some people  in the 90s who broadcast with this 
little tiny 15 watt transmitters,and they'd get several people around the 
SF/Berkely /Oakland doing it simultaneoulsy ,which made them almost 
impossible to catch ,cause you have to triangulate to locate a signal 
source. Years ago I knew someone who would broadcast from a van-a moving 
signal is also hard to locate. Berkely and Santa Cruz have Free radio 
stations that have been going for years.Periodically the FCC siezes their 
equip,but they get some more and continue-maybe change broadcast freq.
   There are actually fairly cheap freqs on AM radio in  many area. I've 
been picking up tis statioin that broadcasts in Hindi,Urdu ,Punjabi mostly 
talk ,but they play a lot of Filmi and Indian Pop some of which is very 
cool. Very low broadcats standards they constantly cut things off  and 
around , volume changes radically.Radio Hamasafer I pick up a Chinese AM 
station too,I just listen to the sound of the language,like it's music 
probably  all ads ,I can't even tell.