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Re: Record Industry Decline

Michael Billow wrote:
> Bill Fox, that was obnoxious and wholly unwarranted. I never
> indicated any value judgments about wether the internet was "good"
> or "bad" I simply made the distinction that it was the reason why
> the music industry has changed - in direct response to the previous
> claim. I could go on about how inappropriate your dissection of my
> post is but instead I will simply request that you kindly refrain from
> attacking people in here with such a condescending tone, and if you
> must then at LEAST read more carefully what your responding to
> before you mis-characterize what they've said.
Obnoxious?  Well, if you think so, then perhaps I was.  But just because 
I tore into your points of discussion doesn't mean it was a personal 
attack against *you*.  Grow a skin, man,