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RE: Fripp & Eno 1973 / BBC / Peel

related anecdote from ex-BBC staffer:
>>Oddly enough, I have a cassette of this complete Top Gear show, I wonder if this is where these guys got it from..Very notable for the fact that Baldy Bri and Bob did special versions of `Heavenly Music Corp’ and `Swastika Girls’ for the show, not at Maida Vale but at Eno’s gaff (in Maida Vale funnily enough)

Peel and Walters received the tape `tail out’ and broadcast it like that. No-one noticed except Eno who had to call the BBC and tell them his music was being played out backwards.<<

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'We continue our fascination of the late, great British broadcaster John Peel with another excellent show from the archives. This time the collaboration of two sonic visionaries in 1973 that produced the often talked about album No Pussyfooting that was designed to showcase tape-echo and delay techniques to the mass pop audience. Here, the gentlemen offered two tracks exclusively for Peel's Top Gear show.'