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Re: Laptops -dedicated to music only?

BreachinThePeace@aol.com schrieb:
> Just so you know, I use PCs exclusively but am one of the rare 
> individuals that honestly believes that Macs are superior machines 
> hardware wise but are the lesser of the two as far as software is 
> concerned.

I'd never agree on that, but that's maybe a matter of taste and
different experience. I can only judge on my own experience, and a PC 
never attracted me long enough to really judge about the difference. If 
it works, its fine, if it doesn't there is need for a change...

> I wonder out of sheer curiosity if Mac more or less traded it's
> virtual ram ideology for the PC's processor aptitude? It would have 
> seemed to be a poor trade in hindsight if this were so.

Virtual Ram is a really old technology, it has always built into any 
Unix system. There was nothing to trade for...

> As far as your minimal RAM is concerned, 768 MB is a joke if you plan
> on using multiple plug ins. 

I didn't need too much of plug-ins yet... all my treatement is hand 
made... ;-)
And of course a soon I need more, to plug in more memory is simple 
enough (which was my original point, better get RAM, than Vista, if just 
memory is the concern... ;-)


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