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Re: Laptops -dedicated to music only?

If you can work with Jeff to create Mobius:Mac, I will be your best 
friend forever!  I mean, err... ummm... [lowering voice an octave] 
ahem...  I'll be very grateful to the two of you.

Seriously, I haven't done any live looping at all since I got my 
MacBook Pro earlier this year.  It's a screaming machine (2.16 GHz 
Core2 Duo, 3GB Ram!), and I can't imagine going back to a PC setup 
after being spoiled to this (it just works!), but I can't commit to 
any other looping software.  Mobius is too good, too customizable to 
let go.

So I'm at an impass.  If there's anything I can do to help move the 
Mobius:Mac project along, just let me know.  Though I'm a programmer, 
I'm afraid I haven't done enough application development to be of any 
good to you, but I'll gladly give plasma and donate the proceeds, 
create websites, fundraise, or whatever.  This would totally be worth 


Hi all,

    I am there with you Josh,  I bought the Macbook with 2gig of ram and love it.  I've been using PCs since the 80's and know all their frustrations.  I would love to test mobius on my mac!