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Re: Cellphone looping - did somebody do that so far?

Not sure if this is quite what you're after, but check out Windows Mobile
devices, and these bits of software.


An important difference between the iPhone and Windows Mobile devices seems
to be that iPhone is requesting apps to run as a service from the web,
whereas Windows Mobile apps to be installed on the phone/device.

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Subject: Cellphone looping - did somebody do that so far?

> Awa-yeah motherfuckah!  Nothing like reading LD at a café on
> my pretty new toy.  I can't wait until someone hacks it to
> run audio apps. ;)

Bringing that back on-topic, at least for those non-iphone-people: can
anyone tell me whether it's possible to run audio apps (both if it's
possible and if such are available) for your run-of-the-mill Java-equipped
cell phone?