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AW: Cellphone looping - did somebody do that so far?

> Hm, I suppose it would depend on the relative limitations of 
> the implementation of Java on the cell phone.  What were you 
> thinking of running, perchance? I guess if your phone can 
> play either midi or mp3's ... 

Too bad the phone manufacturers don't get too much out of their way in
telling you what the phone can do...mine can play both MIDI and MP3, but I
don't know if it can do so at the same time. It can also be controlled by
voice commands, but not play MP3 at the same time (it's a SonyEricsson 

I'd like to have a two-or-three track version of Mobius running on it,
together with a Nord MicroModular, please ;). But failing that, I'd be 
with a phone version of a DL4 or DD20...