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Re: iPhone (was Re: Cellphone looping)

The iPhone is not likely to be sold in Japan for a whle, as it I don't
believe it supports the Japanese phone standards.

The interface to the iPhone is 100% cool and awesomely well thought out.  I
love it!
But my Samsung Blackjack has more capabilities for one-third the cost.
Personally, I also don't like being tied to both  at&t and iTunes...
Maybe when version three comes out Apple will have fixed a few of the bugs.
When I tried an iPhone at a store this weekend, it crashed twice...

If you're interested, there are rumours of a "iPhone Nano" for sometime 

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> At 10:47 AM -0700 7/9/07, Mark Sottilaro wrote:
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> >Totally OT, it's the best phone I've ever used (my wife is a smartphone
> >junky and has owned a lot of them) Since it was providence that my old
> >company was canceling my service (how dare them stop paying for my
> >after I quit!) on the day the iPhone came out, I went and met with my
> >who was already on line for one at our local Apple store.
> Thanks for the quick review, Mark!
> Both my wife and I are *drooling* over this little gadget.  However,
> we've decided to chill out until we can purchase an unlocked version
> of it.
> With all the travelling we've done, we've decided that the way cell
> companies work in the US is just criminal.  Here, you can usually
> only get an account if you're willing to tie yourself into some bogus
> "plan" for a year or more.  And the only network available for the
> iPhone right now is AT&T?!?  Bugger them!
> I really rather like the "pay as you go" plans that are prevalent in
> Asia and Europe.  You buy a minute, you use a minute.  Simple.  Use
> all your minutes?  Walk down to the local "Family Mart" and buy a PIN
> number to reload some more.  And if you don't like the cell provider
> you're using, you get a different SIM chip down at the corner store
> and purchase minutes from a different provider.  None of these silly
> lock-ins, or small print in your "plan".
> I'm going to be over in Japan in a few weeks.  I'm hoping I might be
> able to snag an unlocked iPhone over there, then just install any SIM
> chip I want into it.  Otherwise, I'll wait for the general Asian
> rollout and get one in Bangkok.
> Sorry for the rant, but I do appreciate hearing from somebody out on
> the street who has RL experience with it.  Just makes us want one
> even more.
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