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Re: OT: Vocal Harmonizer recommendations?

Bart wrote:
"The TC Electronics Quintet is not bad and you can find them on eBay for a 
good price $350. However unlike the Digitech you will need midi say from a 
keyboard or midi guitar which is what I used to track the chord/key 
To be honest unless you pay mega bucks they all sound a bit cheesy. Far 
better looping your vocal harmony as it's all natural."

Thanks for the recommendation Bart, but I'm actually LOOKING for 
not natural .
I just want something that can customizeably track me with one or two 
as I sing.
I also want something that will drone a 2nd as I sing against it (or any 
interval) ala
Balkan choral singing.   Will anything do that?

I also want to freak it out and play other instruments into that it has a 
hard time tracking.
I know, I know.................I'm strange, but what else is new?

I want to create strange and moveable harmonies and I want it to be 
You can loop vocals on yourself,  but they remain static and I want 
something that can
let me really freely improvise with an effect that is really quick.

I"m finding it's great to loop somethings but it's really great NOT to 
somethings on top of
it for it all to sound somewhat 'real' if you know what I mean.

Has any one heard the Imogen Heap track that is all acapella except for 
rather synthetic sounding
harmonization?    I'm just enthralled with it.  Please forgive me but I 
forget the title of the track
and it's out in my car as I type.

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful recommendations!

yours,  Rick