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OT: Vocal Harmonizer recommendations?

Dear Rick,

you said:
> All my life I've wanted a good vocal harmonizer in either a floor
> or rackmount version and they've always been a bit out of my grasp
> economically.

Then later on, you said:
>Thanks for the recommendation Bart, but I'm actually LOOKING for 
>not natural .

So I'm a bit confused what you're looking for. For something which has a 
very unique, synthetic sound and offers intelligent pitch shift (although 
I believe only two-voice), you might try to find a Sony GR-MP5 or the 
keyboard version...an early-nineties halfrack device which is somewhat 
noisy but offers really crazy multi-effects setups and a very quick 
intelligent pitch shifter which sounds wonderfully cheesy on vocals.

Cheap pitch shifting (although no scales, just fixed intervals): Behringer 
Virtualizer DSP2048Pro

Something really synthetic: Resurrect your Zoom1201. Put it into vocoder 
mode. Send your vocal signal in the analyze input and your vocal signal 
through the whammy in the carrier input. Perhaps even put a delay in 
between the whammy and the 1201 for some multi-voice harmonies.