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Bill Walker (my brother) wrote:

"Hey Rick, the digitech IPS33b which I had once and I believe you had 
borrowed one from Michele Landeger years ago,  would probably fit the bill 
if you can find one. It did diatonic, parallel, and custom harmonies, and 
though not as pristine sounding as Eventide stuff, it sounded great. Now 
admit to me and everyone else that your real intention is to play a looped 
version of Whipping Post. The next and most complete model was the DHP-55 
with up to 5 harmonies I believe. I saw one on ebay this morning, That 
make you sound like the Allman brothers and Wishbone Ash jamming together. 

This cracks me up.   I wrote to this wonderful list and have gotten great 
advice from a lot of knowledgeable people and one of the best things 
and that I can
afford comes from my brother,   who lives in the front part of the duplex 
now sit in.    I could have thrown a rock and
hit him on the head as he typed this advice. But he probably wouldn't have 
appreciated it.   Thanks bro!   You are the bomb!

I was thinking more of the Allman Brothers meet Diamanda Galas, by the 
will the digitech do this for me?     <grin>