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Re: Laptops -dedicated to music only?

Audio apps will work under Parallels (I've tested Live at its fine,
for example).

The problem will be getting XP under Parallels to talk directly to
your audio hardware. Parallels installs a basic stereo audio driver in
XP, which is then piped through to Mac OS X, which then talks to the
hardware - so you've got a big latency and CPU load there. It's not
clear if it's even possible to tell OS X to ignore the hardware and
have the XP drivers talk to it directly.

I would imagine BootCamp would be a much better choice for
Windows-on-Mac for audio work, but I've never tried it out myself.


On 11/07/07, Weg <theweg@netzero.net> wrote:
> I have a friend who has a stripped down version of XP and is willing to 
>give it up so I can try
> just that.  I have Parrallels loaded and await XP.  Is anyone doing 
>this?  If so I would like to hear
> how it is working with Parallels before I give it a go.  I am still 
>using hardware loopers and plan
> to try this once I get through some personnal situations that are taking 
>up my time....