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Ultracool Effects for sale. Frostwave, EH, SIB, etc.

1. SIB Nick Nitro - Fuzz/Octaver. Two independent effects and stomp
switches, four knobs, Mint bright yellow tanklike box.
Info: http://news.harmony-central.com/Newp/2004/Nick-Nitro.html
Asking: $75

2. DOD Meatbox - SubHarmonic Bass Enhancer stompbox from the 90s series
where they had cute names and discontiued every cool box right away.
Excellent+ in Box with papers and sticker for an KKKollectors out there.
Asking: $75

3. EH Tube Zipper - 2X tube driver
Autowah/Distortion/Vibrato/Filter/Sound-F%^#$erUpper. Mike Mathews calls
this "the greatest product we've introduced in over 20 years" and if
you're into effects with some depth to them that might be right. Good
shape with original weird EH PS. "Moving filters" indeed...
Asking: $150.00

4. EH Wiggler - 2X tube driven awesome Vibrato/Tremelo vintage sounding
stompbox with some new twists. GORGEOUS tone and lots of control. Cool for
spacey sounds as much as traditional ones. Good shape with EH PS.
Asking: $125.00

5. Frostwave Funk-A-Duck - Very impolite filter mashing AutoWah from hell
(or Australia if you make a distinction). Like most frostwave devices This
is more an advanced effect for those who don't get scared easily. VERY
cool secret weapon effect for processing pretty much anything. MIB with US
PS. Asking: $175

6. Frostwave Spacebeam - Paul once told me he always wanted to make
something that sounded like a refrigerator name so he did :). This is a
Boutique optical thermin that sounds Smoooooooth and sweet unlike any
other that I've heard. CV/Gate outs to control other synths or modular
gear, volume, and variable waveform. Excellent shape with US PS.
Asking: $275

Buyer pays shipping or pick up in Phila Pa. Paypal from confirmed
addresses fine. I think  all prices are fair but if you want more than one
or have some super deal/serious offer let me know.

I might be interested in trades for equally esoteric FX or synth/weird
instruments. Have been curious about a Moog Ring modulator for a bit or
Frostwave Blue Ringer/ Sonic Alienator, etc. Also Cyndustries/Modcan



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