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Re: Composers should also get paid

Jim Bailey wrote:
> It's my understanding that those rules only apply to BMI and ASCAP
> sanctioned venues(mainly big venues and stadiums and junk)?  If that
> isn't the case wouldn't every house cover band be shut down or fined on
> a regular basis?  Hell, in Texas even the acts that do mostly originals
> do 30% to 40% covers.
If local bands had to pay the licensing fees, you'd be 100% correct.  We 
couldn't afford them, the way they're calculated.  At the low end of the 
scale, where we inhabit, it is the venue that must pay the fees.  At the 
large end of the spectrum, the venue might not pay at all, forcing the 
artist to pay.  But if you're the Rolling Stones or Paul McCartney, then 
you can afford it.  BMI and ASCAP don't care who pays, just so long as 
the fee *is* paid in full.