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Re: Re: Composers should also get paid

On Fri, 13 Jul 2007, Travis Hartnett wrote:

> Venues which feature live music are required to have BMI and ASCAP
> licenses unless 100% of the music performed there is original music
> not covered by either of those organizations.  It is the
> responsibility of the venue organizer (owner in this case) not the
> performer to secure such a license.
> TH

Which is the reason a small bar local to me that has a lot of live music 
has a large sign on the side wall of the stage that reads "NO COVER SONGS. 
I will cut the PA off and your show is over if I hear a cover song."

The owner doesn't pay these licenses, so he doesn't permit cover songs.

(From memory, exact wording on the sign is probably different but the 
meaning is as above.)

Steve B
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