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RE: Composers should also get paid

Wow.  That is very neat!  Can anyone confirm that it's the same here in
the states?

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Actually the performer should register performances and set lists so 
that composers get the appropriate royalties for their work being 
used. A side benifit to this that most musicians don't seem to be 
aware of, is that if you do this you'll get royalties for performing 
your own music as well as the other composers
Or at least that's the way it works here in Canada

Paul Haslem

At 01:48 PM 7/13/2007, you wrote:
>Venues which feature live music are required to have BMI and ASCAP 
>licenses unless 100% of the music performed there is original music not

>covered by either of those organizations.  It is the responsibility of 
>the venue organizer (owner in this case) not the performer to secure 
>such a license. TH