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It's Ted Killian's fault

Seeing Ted Killian post on the same day that someone mentioned the Moog Ring Mod reminded me of this. I had a device built by artist Tim Kaiser (http://www.timkaiser.org/) which was, sort of, inspired by Ted's comments on the DD-20 on the tools page (although it has little in common with those). What it is is two PDS-1002s and a PDS 20/20, modified (via trim pot) for longer delays, and wired in parallel with a pretty clever, Kaiser-designed, interface. It's a looping device in the "latching delay" fashion. The three delays can be independently latched, mixed (along with the dry), and do pitch effects with the delay time. (The footpedal also controls the latches.) The 1002s have some sort of pre/post gain thing -- it doesn't seem to make much difference in practice. The 20/20 can do some very strange modulation effects (the extended delay times seems to really wig it out).

Here's a picture of it:


and the footpedal:


I've made two, pretty similar, recordings with it. The first is a Tele into the aforementioned ring mod:


The second is a Casio VL-1 directly into the unit, but it does show off the 20/20 doing its modulation thing:


All that just FYI, although sometime we ought to have a "latched delay" versus "sampler style" looping discussion again. (I guess there was one a long time ago which I sort of remember from lurking.)