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AW: biamplified monitors

Two versions of an answer, one of them in jest: 

> your kit.....and i have always wondered about the old adage that all your
stuff should come off the same electrical line 
> to keep the signal clean and avoid hum, so my corncern is, are the 
that my monitors are plugged into the same 
> line as the rest of my kit?.....perhaps this is just another of those
misbeliefs that i have about things.....and indeed > ONLY LOOPS WILL BE
Answer 1: Depending on the monitors you're using and of your feed to the
monitors, if the connection is symmetrical on both sides, hum due to stuff
running from different power feeds will not be a problem. I know that the
1202 has symmetrical main outs (and I think all other outs are symmetrical,
too), and most monitors are as well.

Answer 2: People tell you to plug all stuff into one outlet for one reason:
to avoid ground loops. So if ONLY LOOPS WILL BE PLAYED, this shouldn't be a
concern anyways ;)

All the best,