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Re: AW: biamplified monitors


 It isn't one outlet you are concerned about. It's
that ALL used outlets should be on the same leg of
power in the panel.

--- Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill
<rs@moinlabs.de> wrote:

> Two versions of an answer, one of them in jest: 
> > your kit.....and i have always wondered about the
> old adage that all your
> stuff should come off the same electrical line 
> > to keep the signal clean and avoid hum, so my
> corncern is, are the outlets
> that my monitors are plugged into the same 
> > line as the rest of my kit?.....perhaps this is
> just another of those
> misbeliefs that i have about things.....and indeed >
> Answer 1: Depending on the monitors you're using and
> of your feed to the
> monitors, if the connection is symmetrical on both
> sides, hum due to stuff
> running from different power feeds will not be a
> problem. I know that the
> 1202 has symmetrical main outs (and I think all
> other outs are symmetrical,
> too), and most monitors are as well.
> Answer 2: People tell you to plug all stuff into one
> outlet for one reason:
> to avoid ground loops. So if ONLY LOOPS WILL BE
> PLAYED, this shouldn't be a
> concern anyways ;)
> All the best,
>       Rainer

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