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Re: biamplified monitors


 You want to make sure, if you use muultiple outlets,
that they come off the same leg. In a standard single
phase panel,that means every othet breker going down
one side, or the next diagonel breaker up or down on
the opposite side. Yhis will ensure that you are using
the same leg. On a 3 phse panel, it gets a little more

--- Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:

> i was just offered $1000.00 for my two srm
> 450s.....it cost me $400.oo to use 
> these speakers for several years so i'm quite happy
> with the price.....now 
> what do i replace them with that 1) cost no more
> than $1000 for both, 2) can be 
> used as my only studio speakers and 3) can be used
> as my p.a. speakers (mackie 
> 1202 vlz) if and when i play out.....if this deal
> falls through i will not be 
> the least bit unhappy, i love the srms and that's
> why i had kids so that they 
> can carry these beasts down and up to my 3rd. floor
> studio.....;).....my only 
> problem is that the srm 450s are total OVERKILL for
> what i do.....for $200 
> more i can buy 4 srm 150s, has anyone played with
> these?.....they look soooo 
> small, they say in their ads that you can get an
> addaptor to put them on your mic 
> stand.....if that's the case, i'll make a hat out of
> one and .....one word of 
> advice to rune is "powered monitors" need to be
> plugged into an electrical 
> source and i have often found that the need for 2
> more outlets can be a problem 
> at some gigs depending where you place the speakers
> in relation to the rest of 
> your kit.....and i have always wondered about the
> old adage that all your 
> stuff should come off the same electrical line to
> keep the signal clean and avoid 
> hum, so my corncern is, are the outlets that my
> monitors are plugged into the 
> same line as the rest of my kit?.....perhaps this is
> just another of those 
> misbeliefs that i have about things.....and indeed
> OF THESE SPEAKERS.....michael
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