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AW: stereo mic.

Hey Raul (and TPO crew), 

> which are the troubles by using two
> mics to record in an x/y stereo configuration (or other 
> stereo mic technique) if they are not "a matched pair from 
> factory" providing that they are the same brand and model.

matched pairs are either the two microphones from a production run which
most closely match each other with regard to characterization or such a 
which is further modified to more closely match each other (for the more
expensive mics obviously).

With there may be differences with regard to amplitude and phase, you tend
to perceive the differences in phase the most if you put both microphones 
direct reference to each other, e.g. by using them as a stereo pair.

This is of course of greater importance with those microphone manufacturers
which tend to have a very big statistical spread in their manufacturing
process (think Oktava).

Still, regarding your recording situation (already with an artifical stereo
image) and the application (rehearsal recordings), I wouldn't stress the
issue too much - you should be fine.