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Re: OT: stereo mic.

hi Paul.
There are 2 ways I know to get a "matched pair".
1) Some mics (e.g. Neuman) are made to a tight specification, so that
a pair of them will generally be matched.
2) At some point, someone actually tested the mics and picked out a pair 
that matches.
Could happen at the factory, but could just as well happen at the 
(or in your studio)

If you're using an x/y config then un-matched mics may not give you an
accurate stereo image. It would be like EQing the 2 sides differently.
( though don't imagine you can the problem with corrective EQ ).
A good stereo recording will let you hear the position of each
instrument, an "unmatched" one will still give an impression
of space, but the positioning will be blurred, with the "center panned"
sounds being spread out somewhat.

To check for matching, hold 2 mics together, pointing in the same 
direction, at
a sound source. Then mix them together with one of the mics out of phase.
If they are well matched, there'll be very little sound.

AKG c1000s aren't designed for stereo work, for which you ideally
need a small diaphragm mic like the AKG C451 B

what about a pair of Rode NT5?
(or even an NT4, for ease of use)

andy butler

> i've done some research through the net,
> but can't find the correct answer for this:
> which are the troubles by using two
> mics to record in an x/y stereo configuration (or other
> stereo mic technique) if they are not "a matched pair from
> factory" providing that they are the same brand and model.