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Re: OT: stereo mic.

hi andy and rainer,

> If you're using an x/y config then un-matched mics may not give you an
> accurate stereo image. It would be like EQing the 2 sides differently.
> ( though don't imagine you can the problem with corrective EQ ).
> A good stereo recording will let you hear the position of each
> instrument, an "unmatched" one will still give an impression
> of space, but the positioning will be blurred, with the "center panned"
> sounds being spread out somewhat.

this is truly clearing some dust on the matter for the first time.
so the unmatched, use to have differences in order to push some
frequency ranges... this affects imaging even if the differences between
mics are small... and "small" here could be understood.. well, you
record a mono loop twice, each time with one of these supposedly
unmatched mics, and maybe it would be difficult to say which of both
was colouring the, for instance, 3000 Hz or 3200 Hz, isn't? Above all,
the cheaper brands.

> To check for matching, hold 2 mics together, pointing in the same 
>direction, at
> a sound source. Then mix them together with one of the mics out of phase.
> If they are well matched, there'll be very little sound.

i'll do the test, when we get that pair. thanks Andy.

> AKG c1000s aren't designed for stereo work, for which you ideally
> need a small diaphragm mic like the AKG C451 B

so it wasn't a good choice.. argh.. again, many thanks.

> what about a pair of Rode NT5?
> (or even an NT4, for ease of use)

oh yes!. also considered that option, as it seems to be in the same
price range. hope they can handle all the pressure from Alex, our
drummer. wWe are almost all deaf due to his ... i'd say,
crossover-electro-latin-aphex-slipknot drumming style but he's good as
a dynamic metronom and has sight reading skills, not so usual in
drummers.. he,he...

thanks & love for all,
and one kiss extra for Andy and
another one for Rainer.

spain is burning in flames these days...
don't come here in summer, go Iceland.

TPO crew.

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