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Re: question using 2 EDPs unsynced

Thanx Andy,yes i remeber trying this before i had a
brother sync stereo cable and having them drift when
overdub was on,really a pitty do we stand a chance of
another EDP software upgrade?
anyway,have u used them as 2 separate units with one
controller(FCB1010)? any drawbacks?
i lost the mail you or Kim once sent about how to do
this setup,would you mind sending it again? i am
really tempted to try it!

--- andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:

> hi Luis,
> I also have the edp sync issue, but don't mind
> living dangerously.
> I wonder if the problem goes away if we give both
> edps the same
> midi controls at the same time ( rather than having
> the slave wait for
> midi to pass thru the master).
> How about
> 1) run a midi controller into a splitter box, and
> connect that to
>    the midi-Ins of both edps
> 2) leave the brother sync cable in place
> 3) remove the short midi cable connecting the 2
> edps.
> The disadvantage is that any parameter changes you
> want to do
> have to be done on both edps now (why I haven't used
> this setup),
> but using the midi controller for edp patch change
> is a good
> alternative to this anyway.
> Otherwise.
> 1) Remove brother sync cable
> 2) Change slave edp to SYNC=In
> The edp Midi sync is actually very good, it's not as
> close
> synced as brother sync, but it doesn't drift.
> When you have Overdub On, the edps will drift in
> Midi-sync,
> that's an issue that every where looping device has
> some sort of an issue.
> That's because the alternative to drifting is to
> record over the jump where
> the loop re-syncs, which would tend to cause a nasty
> glitch.
> Apart from this ( an issue that is simply ignored in
> many loop devices) the edp is
> a very good Midi-slave, as long as you don't expect
> it to follow tempo changes.
> I've actually had a situation live where I pulled
> out the brother-sync cable
> (and did slave SYNC=In)
> in order to get the edps back together.
> ...then forgot about the thing with overdub, and
> lost it again.
> andy butler 
> L.A. Angulo wrote:
> > hi gang,
> > i know there has been a thread to this but i am
> still
> > interested in trying this config till now ive been
> > using my 2 EDPs in stereo.But it seems to me that
> not
> > a lot of you prefer using them like this, any
> > drawbacks?sometimes my 2 edps drift away out of
> sync
> > which is making me reconsider  getting rid of one
> and
> > getting something else,its gotten to the point
> where i
> > have to disconnect one when i play live so i dont
> have
> > to go through this!
> > thanx for you input
> > Luis


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