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Re: question using 2 EDPs unsynced

hi Luis,

I also have the edp sync issue, but don't mind living dangerously.

I wonder if the problem goes away if we give both edps the same
midi controls at the same time ( rather than having the slave wait for
midi to pass thru the master).
How about
1) run a midi controller into a splitter box, and connect that to
   the midi-Ins of both edps
2) leave the brother sync cable in place
3) remove the short midi cable connecting the 2 edps.
The disadvantage is that any parameter changes you want to do
have to be done on both edps now (why I haven't used this setup),
but using the midi controller for edp patch change is a good
alternative to this anyway.

1) Remove brother sync cable
2) Change slave edp to SYNC=In
The edp Midi sync is actually very good, it's not as close
synced as brother sync, but it doesn't drift.

When you have Overdub On, the edps will drift in Midi-sync,
that's an issue that every where looping device has some sort of an issue.
That's because the alternative to drifting is to record over the jump where
the loop re-syncs, which would tend to cause a nasty glitch.

Apart from this ( an issue that is simply ignored in many loop devices) 
the edp is
a very good Midi-slave, as long as you don't expect it to follow tempo 

I've actually had a situation live where I pulled out the brother-sync 
(and did slave SYNC=In)
in order to get the edps back together.
...then forgot about the thing with overdub, and lost it again.

andy butler 

L.A. Angulo wrote:
> hi gang,
> i know there has been a thread to this but i am still
> interested in trying this config till now ive been
> using my 2 EDPs in stereo.But it seems to me that not
> a lot of you prefer using them like this, any
> drawbacks?sometimes my 2 edps drift away out of sync
> which is making me reconsider  getting rid of one and
> getting something else,its gotten to the point where i
> have to disconnect one when i play live so i dont have
> to go through this!
> thanx for you input
> Luis