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Re: question using 2 EDPs unsynced

i remember that this option, 2 unsync EDP,
was the favourite of my friend and teacher,
markus reuter, in the past. he did some good
ambient guitar cds with this configuration.
check him at, of course:


my 2 cents,

2007/7/18, L.A. Angulo <labaloops@yahoo.com>:
> hi gang,
> i know there has been a thread to this but i am still
> interested in trying this config till now ive been
> using my 2 EDPs in stereo.But it seems to me that not
> a lot of you prefer using them like this, any
> drawbacks?sometimes my 2 edps drift away out of sync
> which is making me reconsider  getting rid of one and
> getting something else,its gotten to the point where i
> have to disconnect one when i play live so i dont have
> to go through this!
> thanx for you input
> Luis
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