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Re: Civitas Urbanus (new album release)

At 17:34 20/07/2007, you wrote:
On 20 jul 2007, at 14.02, Bart Lyons wrote:
Per, downloaded your album this morning. First all thank you for 
the free download. The music is superb and I have to ask how you 
get the 'Flutter sound' on the guitar it's just amazing.

Per, it's on Track 4 Commuter Train Experience - Fantastic Sound the ultimate cosmic wa-wa

Sorry, Bart, but WHICH song? That album represents a pletoria of 
played instruments, used effects and different looping and production 
techniques. I would love to solve the mystery of this "flutter 
sound", if you could please just specify a little more....

On 20 jul 2007, at 16.29, Warren Sirota wrote:
Hi Per,
I haven't had a chance to listen to much of it yet, but the first 
piece has
some of the most exciting guitar playing I've heard in a long 
while. Which
is doubly amazing, since it doesn't come from a guitar. Kudos.

Thanks, Warren. And Kudos to you that are able to tell that it's not 
a physical guitar played on that piece! ;-))  What you hear is the 
built-in synth of the Akai EWI played into a laptop running Native 
Instruments Guitar Rig 2 daisy-chained into Mobius looping software. 
It's a complete improvisation, so maybe I was led into phrasing 
"guitar-like" because I happened to get that guitar-like sound from 
the NI GR2?

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)