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Re: free album releases...

On 20 jul 2007, at 19.34, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:

> To Per, Peter/Hoby (and all the others who did free/donationware  
> releases in
> the recent past):

Interesting write-up, Rainer (not quoting it all here). One thing,  
regarding Creative Commons, that have been on my mind for some time  
now is whether you should allow commercial use or not. I noticed  
Peter does not, but myself I decided to allow even commercial re-use  
of my work this time. I'm thinking that the exposure of the music  
would always be a good thing for me. As for the question about  
revenue: I have produced music for ad's before and know that it may  
be important for a client to have the music composed, produced and  
mixed to perfectly match his advertisement spot - so important that  
it's worth paying for. In such a case you bill the client for your  
work. On the other hand, if someone should find that my music should  
fit in with a commercial campaign just by simple ripping it off, I'm  
all comfortable with that. You have to decide if you do believe in  
peoples ability to think and make up their own mind and that's what I  
believe in. I seriously don't believe anyone would take me for an All  
Tupperware Freak if some of my "flutter sounds" should appear in an  
ad of theirs.

>  I'll do something like this myself, then perhaps have a few hardware
> copies of the album to sell at gigs etc.

Yes, that's a good idea! I have also done finshed CD masterings of  
all my Creative Commons released albums, so I can just push a button  
to burn a CD and push another button to print the cover on the CD's  
front side.

>  For my taste, way too few flute sounds in these recordings (and if I
> may say that, too many tenor sax sounds -

Well, if one song out of twelve is too much you may not be a big sax  
fan! ;-)

> I don't know whether this is an
> "ethnic" thing, but your sax playing always sounds like Jan Garbarek).

Yes, it might well be an ethnic thing. You're German, right?  ;-))   
(he,he - just kidding...)

> My main critizism would be that at times, it sounds a little bit like
> "showing off your new toy"

You are perfectly right! But I regard that a good thing, as in  
Manele. Anyway, since I play and have fun with "my toys", how could I  
avoid "showing them off" if someone happens to listen? A great deal  
of what music is about is "to fly", and I also love to fly with  
others when listening to them. I know that especially the EWI, being  
such an easily played "super instrument", invites you to play more  
virtuoso styled, but I like that too. With all other instruments I  
have always avoided the virtuoso aspect, but this time I think it  
makes perfect sense within the musical context. Ask Bill Walker about  
shredding! ;-)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)