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In a message dated 7/20/07 1:34:05 PM, rs@moinlabs.de writes:

My main critizism would be that at times, it sounds a little bit like
"showing off your new toy" - perhaps really caused by the fact that your
setup changes at such a fast rate?

per.....i must agree with rainer on this.....i really enjoyed the cd.....but.....i thought there was too much processing going on.....like a kid in a candy store or like the best vanilla ice cream in the world only covered by tons of toppings.....i loved the melodies and the playing and most of the sounds but for some reason it all seemed too busy.....just because there are 150 crayons in the box dosen't mean they all need to be used, something i am slowly learning.....:).....but i'll tell you what, i would have given anything to have been in the same room with you when you made these tunes. what fun and beauty!.....i'll bet you were smiling the whole time because your joy sure came through the music.....THNAKS MUCHO!!!!!.....michael


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