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>> My main critizism would be that at times, it sounds a little bit like
>> "showing off your new toy" - perhaps really caused by the fact  
>> that your
>> setup changes at such a fast rate?

On 21 jul 2007, at 01.11, Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:
> per.....i must agree with rainer on this.....i really enjoyed the  
> cd.....but.....i thought there was too much processing going  
> on.....like a kid in a candy store or like the best vanilla ice  
> cream in the world only covered by tons of toppings.....i loved the  
> melodies and the playing and most of the sounds but for some reason  
> it all seemed too busy.....just because there are 150 crayons in  
> the box dosen't mean they all need to be used, something i am  
> slowly learning.....:

Rainer and Michael,

I'm thankful for both of your comments, because it is interesting to  
learn about how others experience what you are doing. If I should  
have been working mainly with composition I could have used your  
constructive criticism to modify my expression, for a better  
communication. But since I do mostly improvise the music right on the  
spot, while recording whatever happens, I have to let it come out the  
way it choses to manifest through me. So, if it becomes "busy", I  
accept it that way. We all have different taste. As a child I loved  
hearing dixieland jazz. Although I hated the music dixieland jazz I  
loved hearing it - guess way? Because although every one was playing  
solo at the same time you could still hear a calm structure hiding  
behind all those inferno-like notes and sounds. And still today, I'm  
rather listening to structure, directions, attitudes, emotions and  
gestures in music than to the actual sound details or melodic  
material. That's just my taste.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)