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loop-based installations - update

For all of you who have joined into giving me good advice:

Currently, a first trial has been running for some hours (like four or so).

The most important things I found out:

1. Andy's idea to first find the room resonances with short delays (or no
delays at all), then bring in the delays is a real time saver. Still, you
don't get all of the resonances - new delays means new resonances.

2. As Per mentioned, the resonances are a real problem. I don't think it's
possible to set up a "static" system (meaning static EQ etc. settings) in a
non-static environment (meaning people coming and going and making
unpredictable noises).
I still think I need to follow the feedback destroyer route, even if all
people tell me they suck ass and ruin the sound etc.

3. I think I'm gonna post a first recording of this when I found time to
compile it with some video footage (got no place to post audio without 

Thanks to all of you,