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Re: loop-based installations - update

On Jul 22, 2007, at 11:40 AM, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill  

> I don't think it's
> possible to set up a "static" system (meaning static EQ etc.  
> settings) in a
> non-static environment (meaning people coming and going and making
> unpredictable noises).

Just thought might be worth a mention of Alvin Lucier's Empty Vessels:

LUCIER: I just composed a work for the Donau Eschingen Festival which  
was an installed work. I have two different kinds of compositions - I  
do performance pieces and I do installed works; in the latter I  
create sounds using equipment or prose directions, and then I  
organize a performance of the resulting installed piece in a public  
space, such as a concert hall or an art gallery. The work, which I  
have just composed for the Donau Eschingen Festival, is called "Empty  
Vessels." I had eight glass water containers, that I bought at  
Pierpont Imports which I've used as bases for the composition. I  
mounted them on a stage in a little space and I put a microphone in  
each one - all the microphones are rooted through amplifiers to  
speakers. Then I raised the volume in the amplifier, which creates  
feedback, in such a way that each strand of feedback corresponds to  
the size of the empty vessel that the microphone is in. As a result,  
there are eight separate pitches and the feedback from the  
microphones, so when you walk into that room, not only do you hear  
the eight separate pitches, but the presence of your body interferes  
with the feedback and that moves the sounds around and changes the  
sounds, distorting them in many different ways. Sometimes it can  
almost stop the sounds in a vessel. I have just finished that work a  
few months ago so that is one of my latest compositions.

from:  http://www.musica-ukrainica.odessa.ua/i-rovner-lucier.html